Sometimes, keyboard shortcuts in Act!, Windows or web browsers are faster than using the mouse.

Or, you can press ALT-L ; then, L. Here is a complete list, and it doesn’t matter which version you use. The keyboard shortcuts have been consistent since 1987.

For everyday work, I use these Windows shortcuts because it’s faster than looking around others’ desktops to find their icons.

  • Windows + R – Brings up the Windows Run command. In Windows 7+, you can even use this file search tool
  • Windows + E – Brings up Windows Explorer
  • Windows + D – Brings up Windows Desktop
  • CTRL-ESC – Brings up the Windows Start Menu
  • Fastest way to start a browser and website is to press Windows + R then type in the website address and press Enter. This brings up your default browser along the with the website

Here is a complete list for Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

If you are trying to make any data entry process faster in Act!, send the request to me. Chances are I may have a solution for you.