In Act! 2010+, if you try to create a quote and get an RPC error, this can solve the error.  This assumes your version of Act! is compatible with the version of Office.

The RPC error is caused by either a damaged file, or your have to run a “Detect and Repair” on your version of Office.  90%+ of the time, it’s a damaged normal.dotm file.


  1. Close Act!, Excel and Word
  2. Find the (normal.dotm in Office 2010+) and rename it to normal.old, and the file is in C:\username\appdata\microsoft\templates\normal.dotm
    1. Hint – Press: Start > Run > %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\ or reference this article for Office 2013.
  3. Restart Word
  4. Restart Act!
  5. Create the Quote

Alternate idea: Repair a damaged install of Office 2013+.  If Office was upgraded, it’s a best practice to run “Detect and Repair” on Office 2013+

Second alternate, too many instances of winword.exe are running or “Object not set …” errors.