To increase your open and click rates, it’s a best practice to use Act!, or whatever CRM system you use, to create a smaller list with greater precision rather than a “spray and pray” approach where one offers goes to anyone in hopes the numbers make up the difference.

I proved this by segmenting the database by “areas of interest” based on a survey I sent along with re-examining my database to see what features of Act! they inquired about. Once I targeted my list, my open rate went from 11% to 64% with two messages sent the same day to Act! users. One list is “Tips and Tricks” if I don’t know more about them while the second list contains tips on “Automating Act!” based on my clients’ feedback.

For Act! users, you can use the “Dynamic Groups” feature to automatically make and maintain these targeted lists.

In addition to traditional CRM training and support services, we offer a service to help you build proper surveys and to properly segment the database before you send your next e-blast.